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East Bay is a shallow dive famous for a long tunnel filled with silver colored fish, tuna and barracuda.

Name Dive Site:East Bay
Depth: 3-12m (9-39ft)
Inserted/Added by: darryl

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East Bay is often used as a great shallow second dive. This dive site is interesting for a swim though or tunnel about 30 meters long having a bend in the middle. You will normally swim from the small entrance to the big opening, but pay attention to the ever present surge inside the tunnel. It is better to become slightly negatively buoyant for the trip through. Marine life which can be spotted are the thousands of small sweeper fish inside the tunnel and a patrolling school of tuna and barracuda near the tunnel's exit.

You can see two meter long lemon sharks and black tip reef sharks slowly circling round. The rest of the dive is in a big circle right, dropping off a bank and swim around the back to the boat. There are some boulders covered in corals, moray eels and some old fisherman's basket traps. The corals get better as you head back towards the island where you can fin along the island back to the boat. When you are snorkeling during your surface interval you will have a good chance of seeing 1.5 meter long black tip reef sharks.

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