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The Tug and Barge is one of the nice hard to find wrecks offshore North Bay, Fahal Island.

Name Dive Site:Tug and Barge
Depth: 20-33m (65-108ft)
Inserted/Added by: darryl

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The Tug and Barge dive site is just offshore North Bay, Fahal Island. It takes about 20 minutes to get there by boat from Musqat. Fahal Island can be seen from shore together with its huge oil tankers being filled. Take a look at how high they sit in the water and check again on your way back to get an idea how much oil one of those tankers contains. Morning is the best time to see spinner and bottlenose dolphins hunting after the thousands of tuna that live here. If you are lucky you can spot orcas and whale sharks.

The tug and barge are sitting in deep waters, resting on the sandy seabed. The area is barren and there are no good reference points, so navigating is hard. It is an interesting wreck where a dive guide and compass are absolutely necessary. From the mooring block go down to 15m, take a compass heading of 120 degrees until you see the reef. When you see the honeycomb moray called Gums, turn left. Now continue on a heading of 60 degrees while going down to 28m where you will find the tug in front of you. After going around the tug, go to the bow (that's the pointy end), take another heading of 305 degrees until you find the barge in 24 m. On the barge look very closely around the top edge where you will find white nudibranches, the size of a pen tip, and a resident grouper called Spot. If your air supply is still good, take a heading of 240 and go back into the bay. You need a dive guide to the wrecks as they are difficult to find. Also let them send an SMB to the surface to save time and air. Enjoy diving at this pretty tug and barge.

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