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Octopus Rock is a small cliff like rock formation which continues under water in the form of many gullies.

Name Dive Site:Octopus Rock
Depth: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Octopus Rock lies just north of Lima Rock and is named after the many ridges that radiate out of its center when looking from underwater. Many divers think it should be named jellyfish Rock as there are more than eight ridges. Anyway, the fifty meter long rock is almost perfectly round offering many plateau-like gullies filled with sand and rocks. Diving Octopus Rock is popular because of its numerous marine life and because it is possible to dive near the rock in almost all weather types.

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Name: alex_tasylor

I dived there last year (Summer 2008), and i have to say, best dive I've ever been on. Saw lots of creatures i'd never seen before; there were lionfish, I saw a lobster on the seabed, and I'm POSITIVE I caught a glimpse of a ray, but i lost it unfortunately :( shame I haven't taken the photography course.

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