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Mazens Reef is a recently discovered dive spot a bit less than two kilometers east of Mermaid Cove.

Name Dive Site:Mazens Reef
Depth: 5-25m (16-82ft)
Visibility: 5-15m (16-49ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: mike_dickson

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Recently we were fortunate enough to have a small boat to ourselves names the Mira, and a captain who was willing to let us explore. Due to the small engine onboard and the sea conditions, we couldn't explore as far from the dive centre as we wished. However, we motored approximately 1 to 2 kilometers east past Mermaid Cove (which we noted was full of divers as we went past). We descended down to around 16 meters and let the current take us, not knowing what we would find.

Whilst we saw nothing large (like rays, sharks etc.) the site was in a beautiful condition, with plenty of examples of lionfish, moray, angel & parrot fish, clown & anemone fish. The main notable point was that morays were free swimming, which is unusual compared to all the 'normal' dive spots. Visibility was running towards 15 meters plus.

The depth did drop down to approximately 25 meters, but we were unable to investigate. This was our third dive of the day, so we were forced to stay above the depths we had reached on previous dives, due to safe diving practices. The reef is named in recognition of the patience of our boat captain.


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