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The northern most dive site of Fahal is named North Bay or North Bumps.

Name Dive Site:North Bay, North Bumps
Depth: 5-18m (16-59ft)
Visibility: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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This dive site is known by either North Bay or North Bumps, depending on which dive operator you talk to. The site itself resembles Bills Bumps at the northwestern point of Fahal Island. The primary difference between Bills Bumps and North Bay is that the visibility is usually superior at North Bay. You can expect to see large parrotfish here grazing on the coral, along with multiple large honeycomb moray eels, cuttlefish, snappers, jacks, and large groupers. The site also offers some scenic coral beds. If you are lucky, this is the place to spot rays and whale sharks.

If you want to experience an adventure dive, a great way to start your dive is to descend on the west side of the island, and approach North Bay via the swim through under the island. The tunnel is around a couple of meters under water, around 2 to 3 meters diameter, and approximately 50 meters long. Just as you wonder if the tunnel has no end, there is a curve to your right, and you can see the tunnel exit. From the exit, you emerge into North Bay. Maximum depth is 18 meters.


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